Cheetah-1 Breathalyzer (Fuel Cell Sensor)

The Cheetah-1 breathalyzer is a compact handheld device designed for swift and reliable breath alcohol measurement. It leverages advanced fuel cell technology to enhance accuracy and dependability. Notably, the Cheetah-1 eliminates the need for mouthpieces, offering user-friendly convenience. Fuel cell sensors operate through an electrochemical process, where they oxidize alcohol in the breath sample. This oxidation generates an electrical current, which the breathalyzer detects and translates into a precise Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) reading. The strength of the current directly correlates to the alcohol volume in the sampled breath.



The Cheetah-1 breathalyzer is a handheld device designed for rapid breath alcohol assessment, and it boasts advanced fuel cell technology, guaranteeing heightened reliability. Unlike some other devices, the Cheetah-1 does not necessitate the use of mouthpieces.

Operating on the principles of electrochemical sensing, the fuel cell sensors facilitate an electrochemical process that oxidizes the alcohol present in a breath sample. This oxidation generates an electrical current, which the breathalyzer carefully gauges to calculate the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). The strength of this current directly corresponds to the volume of alcohol detected in the sample.

Technical Specifications:

  • Measurement Principle: Electrochemical Sensor, alcohol-specific
  • Measurement Range: 0~80mg/100ml BAC
  • Test Mode: Automatic sampling for quick testing
  • Breath Sample Extraction Method: Motor-driven continuous air extraction, with a minimum speed of 0.8L
  • Temperature Range (Operation): -5°C to 45°C
  • Temperature Range (Storage): -30°C to 70°C
  • Measuring Time: Adjustable, with a minimum time of 1 second
  • Working Pressure: 600 to 1400hPa
  • Working Temperature: 20~98% relative humidity (r.h.)
  • Screen: OLED Digital Screen
  • Battery: 1 rechargeable battery, 3.7V/3000mAh, providing more than 8 hours of continuous operation
  • Visual Indication: Equipped with two 3W flashing lights
  • Vibration Alarm: Activated when the concentration exceeds the preset value
  • Dimensions: Length = 324mm, Outer Diameter = 45mm
  • Weight: Approximately 231g
  • Test Item: Blowing distance of 4‐5cm
  • Test Concentration (mg/100ml): 20, 40, 150
  • Analyzing Time: Less than 5 seconds
  • Clearing Time: Less than 10 seconds
  • Measuring Range: 1535, 3565, >80

The Cheetah-1 breathalyzer offers unparalleled convenience and accuracy for your alcohol measurement needs.


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