Certified Disposable Breathalyzer

A product featuring a user-friendly four-step measurement scale (0.2-0.5-0.8)

Renowned for its exceptional accuracy, surpassing 98%

A certified product that complies with rigorous international standards

Designed for effortless usability


Alcotest Components and Disposal:
The Alcotest comprises several components, including a glass tube, a measuring substance (reagent), adsorption granules, filters, aluminum foil, and two protective caps. It is crucial to handle these components with care, as they may pose risks to life or health. Mishandling could lead to the glass tube breaking, potentially causing cuts, or other elements being accidentally ingested. To dispose of a used Alcotest, place it in a municipal waste bin. It’s important to note that a used Alcotest does not pose a threat to the environment as per the European Union Directive. Do not leave a used Alcotest in a location where it could be accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Instructions for Use:

1. Secure Protective Caps: Push the protective caps firmly onto both ends of the Alcotest or pierce the mouthpiece on both sides of the breathalyzer, depending on the model.

2. Tube Insertion: Depending on the Alcotest model, insert the tube into the balloon. If no balloon is provided, proceed to the next step.

3. Breath Sample: Take a deep breath and exhale the air into the glass tube (repeat twice for approximately 10 seconds each time). If you are using a disposable breathalyzer with a balloon, exhale air into the glass tube until the balloon is fully inflated.

4. Waiting Period: Wait for at least two minutes. If the color in the central part of the tube changes, it indicates the presence of alcohol in your system. After 5 minutes, the result may become less reliable.

5. Color Comparison: Compare the color within the glass tube with the color scale provided on the packaging. The most accurate comparisons are made under daylight conditions. If the Alcotest reading is similar to the one marked as 0.2‰* on the packaging, it indicates a blood alcohol concentration of 0.2‰* or higher.

Key Features:
– Four-step, easily readable measurement scale (0.2-0.5-0.8).
– Promotes safe driving and fosters social responsibility, enhancing the company’s image.
– Provides over 98% accuracy in alcohol level measurement.
– Certified to meet international standards.
– User-friendly and easy to use.
– Offers a one-time test for assessing alcohol content in exhaled air.


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